MR vs XR

MR vs XR

Hi Readers. Today we are back with another exciting topic on Virtual Reality. The last time we talk about Virtual Reality VS Augmented Reality. This time we are going to delve deeper into the Variations of VR. Today we have a comparison of MR vs XR. MR(Mixed Reality) and XR(Extended Reality) These 2 technologies are virtual revolutions. So without further, due let’s get into the details of these Virtual Revolution Technologies.

Mixed Reality Characteristics

Mixed Reality Characteristics

Mixed Reality is the combination of AR and VR. As in AR, you add virtual overlay elements to your surrounding but you can not manipulate those elements. In MR you can do exactly that. You can interact with these elements, move them to shrink or grow them, change their appearance and their shapes to make them fit your environment. 

MR is also a Technological Revolutions because you can now even Coordinate in the form of a team to make the best of your team’s combined skill power. The Idea of completely moving to a virtual plain of reality which you can manipulate with simple hand gestures or pens and other tools, along with team up with people across the world as if they are with you in that very same room is Something to look forward to.

Mixed Reality Application

Mixed Reality Applications

Mixed Reality has been very useful in the fields of construction, Medical Practice, Video Games (Obviously). The MR tech has helped construction companies to make Infrastructure models based on hyperrealism, meaning “Virtual Building models that are made very realistic almost real”. MR has helped many practicing doctors perform surgery on virtual patients. Even complex surgeries like cancer removal and heart transplants. MR technology also powers a game called Beat Saber. This is a music and dance game that takes you into the VR and you dodge and attack the upcoming projectiles with the dance moves of the song running in the background.

There are multiple tools available for us to make use of MR like the Microsoft Holo Lens and the Lenovo Explorer. Microsoft has taken a step further and created a 3D virtual stock library that will come in handy for you as you can collect elements from the library and add them to your MR Overlay.

Extended Reality Characteristics

Extended Reality Characteristics

Extended Reality or XR as we know it is the combination of VR, AR, and MR and then some. XR is meant to be humanity’s leap into a reality they created, it is meant to replace the Physical Reality by creating Data as the actual 6th sense. This lets you not only interact with the Virtual world but also lets the virtual world react with you. Imagine Feeling someone’s touch in a VR Meeting via synthetic skin, that’s the level of XR.

XR is being made to be an extension of your complete presence and the replacement of the physical reality. XR combines 5G and AI technologies with VR, AR, and MR to give you an experience out of this world or create a completely virtual world of your own.

Extended Reality Application

Extended Reality Application

Extended Reality is something that is about to revolutionize everything. Businesses, offices, factories, industries, etc are gonna become complete remote work companies and when everybody works remotely, there is no remote work, there is just work.

Tesla has created the Teslasuite for this exact purpose. This suite lets you be completely immersed in the virtual world your can view, listen, interact, and even feel the sensations around you. Although this does record your data constantly. Like your health, heart rate, temp, and other factors are tracked constantly. This is done to monitor your health status and recovery from a disease or injury.

Virtual Revolution Technology

Virtual Technology Revolution

Virtual Technologies are revolutionizing our views. They have not only made many things easy but have also made data monitoring and implementation a completely seamless process. This is the real power of Virtual Technologies. These technologies are not only in making life easy but is also moving towards controlling it to a huge extent. 

Many companies are making tools to take advantage of the upcoming technology revolution. The most not worthy is Sony making an XR headset that will leverage the PS5. Facebook with their Oculus Rift, but the most noteworthy is Qualcomm who has not only creating an XR headset but a complete platform powered by 5G and AI Technologies.

Add to all that Gloves that would allow you to feel objects that are. Artificial skin to feel sensation and Facial Recognition and Many more Digital Gadgets to make your XR experience just as real as the physical reality.

All of this technology is creating the need for a huge market for a new type of engineering. Users in a virtual space do not just code they have their own decisions. Soon we will need Reality Engineers. A Reality Engineer will create the experiences of XR and for that purpose Qualcomm, the leading XR Company has launched their XR Optimized certification Program.


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