Colorize App Review

Colorize App Review

Hey, readers, we know it’s been a while since we uploaded our last review on the game abyss walker, which you can read here (abyss walker review). We apologize for making you wait for so long. Today we have an awesome app to review. Just think about a small situation. That you may have an old photograph of your grandfather or a photograph that is a bit damaged. You want to restore the photograph and colorize it, but your not a pro at photoshop, and hiring a professional editor will cost a lot so you need a quick fix.

That’s where this app comes to save the day. The colorize app, this app allows you to restore and colorize old photos. It’s an amazing app, a simple upload and edit flow with an additional camera scan function. The features and filters are very effective and powered by artificial intelligence.

Colorize App Walkthrough

As we mentioned above the app is simple just a simple upload and edit flow. You will have to provide permission to access your storage to upload your images the app also has a 30-second wait timer for the next upload. Meaning once you upload and edit 1 image you have to wait 30 seconds to upload another.

The app has 3 main features colorize, enhance and retouch. This is the main but simple functionality of the app. Colorizing the will allow you to add color to an old photograph. Enhance will allow you to increase the image quality of the photography and retouch will remove any scratches on the photographs.

The app also has some simple color filters, but you have those on the photo editor of your smartphone as well. The best part is the side-by-side comparison of before and after. You can understand more about the app with the small walk-through video we made.

Ai App VS Real Editors


Colorized and Enhanced

Colorized and Retouched

Colorized Colorized and Enhanced Colorized and Retouched

The app uses Ai technology to determine the needs of your image. It calculates your skin tone, hair color, eye color, and surroundings as well. It detects the scratches and any damages to the photo and even points where enhancement is required. If you’re wondering, that the app can replace real-life editors? The simple answer is NO FOR NOW.

Yes, the potential of Ai is remarkable but it’s nowhere near when compared to professional photo editors’ work. This is fairly obvious if you compare the work of a real editor and the image rendered by this app. The misses few spots to color, at some spots it colors wrong and the color of the clothes is mostly incorrect. 

That’s because the app is playing a huge guessing game. From the color saturation of the grayscale on your photo it guesses what could be the right color pallets to be used in your photographs and as you can see in the comparisons above the app doesn’t always get it right. The Ai is great but not all the way there yet. It has a long way to go before it becomes a product that can compete with real-life photo editors.

Benefit From Colorize App

Before and After Colorized Before and After Enhance Before and After Retouch

You may be a student learning photoshop and even if you are not, it’s a good skill to have. If you have some small know-how of photo editing this app can certainly help you to save time and improve your knowledge along with the quality of your work. We are going to tell you how you can try this in words but we won’t be showing you images cause this is not a photoshop tutorial.

By using the image generated by the Colorize app you can use it as the base of your project. Open photoshop open the image you want to edit, place the app-generated image on top. Now pick the blend tool and change the blend mode to color and now you can just take the color samples from the app-generated image and apply them to the areas which the ai of the app has missed.

This way you will not only learn better editing, you can even save time on your work which you do for your clients and also increase quality. This is the true benefit of the app. Another benefit of the app is that it does not place a watermark on the pictures it lets you edit.

Final Conclusion

Download Colorized App

This app is great if you are looking to quickly convert your old colorless photos to full color but don’t expect real professional editor quality work from an app. It’s not a real-life photo editor, it’s an Ai program that is trying to do its best to play the guessing game.

The app has a significantly low rating on the app store about 3.2 on average. But that is because most of the people who downloaded the app were expecting too much from the app. If you expect perfection from a robot then you will get disappointed. The developers of the colorize app are not to blame for this and neither is the app the app does its best and delivers on what it claims to do. You can download and try the app from the image colorizer website or the google play store.

Do let us know if the colorize app review was helpful to you. Tell me how it was helpful in the comments below. Please do share the article on social media if it was helpful and if want to learn more about what you can do with your smartphone in terms of editing, then head over to our VN video editor review this review will definitely teach you a lot. Thanks a lot to all of our readers.


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