Abyss Walker Review

AbyssWalker Review

Hi, Twisty Fans we are back in action, and this time with a pretty cool Action Game. Today with us we have AbyssWalker to review. This game is pretty awesome. It’s been a while that a game has given me Devil May Cry vides. Wanna know why because AbyssWalker looks like a Mobile Devil May Cry Rip off. When I played this Game it got DMC vibes from this game. Cause of the hack and slash style fights.

As with every game, you will start with an annoying but informative tutorial. The Game has some cool features like choice of character, character customization, upgrade system, sword, and gun-based attacks just like DMC. The Game is exciting and fun to play. Let get into our AbyssWalker Review.

AbyssWalker Gameplay

The Story of the AbyssWalker game is set in a cyberbank era where your main character is given 2 weapons a sword and a gun. Once you clear the tutorial you just walk according to the instructions given to you or teleport to the previous location. This helps you to get around the map and saves your time from trying to figure out where to go.

The fight sections are very similar to DMC. That’s why we say its game is a Devil May Cry Rip off. You have swords and guns to fight with, special techniques for the sword and the gun. While fighting your enemies you will come to realize that the attacks are very similar. Slash techniques and gunslinger techniques will remind you of DMC.

AbyssWalker Character Customization

The Character Customization is very minimal at the start. Simply put you get to choose your character’s gender, few facial features like eye color, face shape, hair, styles, hair color, and not

Abyss Walker Character Customization

much more. But as you play the game further you get to unlock Jackets for your male character and dresses for your female character. This gives you the ability to customize your character even further.

Abyss Walker Wings

You also can unlock items as you play and using these items you can get additional upgrades and special skills to aid you in your fights. You will unlock mechanized wings and even pets to mount and ride. The mount feature is pretty awesome cause you unlock several different mythical creatures like dragons and others.

Abyss Walker Unlockable

AbyssWalker Game Scenario

Mainly AbyssWalker is an online multiplayer MMO RPG that has borrowed a few elements like fighting and bike riding from DMC. Honestly, it is not a DMC clone however one can say that it is heavily inspired by DMC. The game starts with your main character riding his bike in a forest their he/she encounters some adventurers like you.

Abyss Walker Fighting

This is where you get your first mission and here the story starts. As the story progress, you get a chance to go on a mission with other players and even NPC’s. As you progress in the game you unlock more skills and abilities. You can unlock the Devil mode which is a power-up mode kind of like from DMC. You even fight more and more difficult and stronger bosses as you go along the way.

Abyss Walker Boss Fight

The game does have some in-app purchases but the game does not force you to them. It is only by choice that you can choose to view the in-app purchases. The game has its multiple currencies to buy skill and items and to top-up these currencies, you have to be involved in these microtransactions.

Abyss Walker In App Purchases

AbyssWalker Pros and Cons

Abyss Walker MMO RPG

In my personal opinion, the game is not a DMC clone but it has taken a lot of elements from the awesome game. If you don’t have a very high res and-memory smartphone then the game will be very glitchy on your phone. This is some to consider but otherwise, this is an awesome game. Another issue with the game is that it has so many features that your small smartphone screen will be very much clustered with feature icons and notifications and that may hinder your gameplay.

Abyss Walker Clustered Screen

Final Conclusion

This is one of the most awesome mobile games we have reviewed thus far. An action MMO RPG that is heavily inspired by DMC. The fights and missions are very entertaining and the game mechanics are very smooth. The skillset is awesome and you unlock so many skills in such a little amount of time.

The level-up system is quick as well the longer you fight the more you grow this makes for a pretty interesting levering up system for creating longer and more complex combos. Overall if you have a nice smartphone this is a very interesting game to play. You can download AbyssWalker on the Play store.

The game developed by 9Splay Developer has 10k+ reviews with an average 4.0 rating. The game is available on Android and iOS free to play but offer in-app purchases. You can download it from this link.

Download Abyss Walker

Just like always, we hope to provide you the most honest game review. We have enjoyed this game very much and it is such an awesome game to play. Please if you enjoyed our blog post please do read more android game reviews. Thanks a lot to all of our readers.


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